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Alek Akaptor was a wizard of great power and a very renowned explorer across several worlds. Bold, reckless, crazy for some, he was born with an innate curiosity and insatiable wanderlust and had the reputation of never backing down in the face of a challenge. He gave his name to several wild and uncharted regions that he discovered across various worlds, such as the Kaptorian jungle in Xi-khang or the Akaptor valley in Hombos, His life of exploration and discovery presumably came to an unfortunate end when he entered, in 3097 B.U., a zone that would later bear his name: the Akaptor desert in Felarya. The whole region was covered by a gigantic and shimmering dome of chaotic and wild energies, constantly shifting and twisting, and anyone trying to enter it simply vanished. Akaptor publicly stated his intention to try it himself, against the advice of his friends. The day came and sizable crowd had gathered to witness the event. Akaptor made a dramatic and showy display of his magic like he loved to do and finally walked in. He was never seen again but a few days later, to the stupor of many, the dome ebbed away. It's still unclear whether Akaptor was responsible for the end of that phenomenon or if the two events are unrelated. Moreover, nobody know for sure if Akaptor actually died as no traces from him have ever been found. He left a fortune behind him, both in treasures and knowledge shared among his descendants. They founded the Akaptor museum which remains one of the wonders of his homeworld Bergundis, and a very famous tourist destination. 

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