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Argyrones are a little known sub-species of dridder. Their spider half is usually of a deep blue color with various black patterns, and their human skin is often in the same, paler tone, sometimes more greenish or turquoisish.  They are unique in that they spend nearly their entire lives underwater in large, immersed dens, made from their webbing anchored to rocks or underwater vegetation.  They still have to periodically come to the surface though, in order to trap air in web bubbles, to bring back to their den to keep it full, since they still require oxygen to live. Argyrones have no venom, and their silk is different to that of other dridders; it's just very slightly sticky, but much more solid.  Argyrones use it more to build things rather than hunting.  When they need to go outside of their den, they attach air bubbles to their abdomens, which they are able to breathe through.  Needless to say, argyrones posses a very specialized and extremely efficient circulatory system, able to maximize their oxygen usage, allowing their limited amount of air last for often surprising amounts of time.

Most argyrones are giant-sized. They typically prey on fishes and various underwater animals, on small mermaids and sometimes on humans, if they happen to come across them during a visit to the surface.  They can create fishing nets with their silk, though they usually prefer the old fashioned way, simply darting out to grab prey that passes by.  Argyrones also possess an ability to create air bubbles with magic, using it to trap or incapacitate prey or foes.  They only use it in battle or if they are about to drown, though, as it's quite taxing on them. Argyrones are a fairly reclusive race, not very well-known outside of the creatures of lakes and rivers.  Some will lead very solitary lives, and others will group their dens together in small groups, to help keep each other company.  Some mermaids manage to befriend argyrones, herding fish into their underwater nets, and getting a share of the catch.

  • Credits to Rcs619 for the Argyrones,