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Aya is a sweet and innocent fairy who can often be found in flower gardens.  She is called the "Flower fairy" by everyone except those in her former tribe, who call her the "berserk fairy".  She's affectionate, sensitive, and not mischievous at all.  She doesn't hunt humans, feeding on plants, fruits, and animals instead.  Over time she has become known as the "safe fairy" among humans.

Aya has a dark secret, however.  When hungry, she becomes dazed, unable to think properly, and unable to recognize her surroundings.  She grows instantly, and then attempts to grab and eat any creatures that are within her reach and the right size, including friends.  When in this state, her movements become slow and her reflexes dull, but her magic increases tenfold, giving her tremendous but uncontrollable power.  Aya can't leave this state until her stomach is completely full.  Only then will she fall into a deep sleep, digesting her large meal.  When Aya wakes up, she's her normal self again, having totally forgotten what happened a few hours previously. This quickly made Aya an outcast from her former tribe.  Luckily for her, Temi took her into her pack and placed her under her protection, just being careful to make sure that Aya is always well fed.  Aya is a very close childhood friend of Crisis, even though an accident happened once where the young naga was nearly eaten by Aya. In spite of her dark secret, Aya is widely loved.  Her sweet voice and affectionate nature largely make up for the constant, albeit vague, threat she represents to others.



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