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A species of sphinxes mostly found in the great rocky fields.  They have blue fur, blue hair, possess cat ears, paws instead of hands, and have fur-covered forearms. Blue sphinxes are fearsome creatures.  Not only are they totally immune to lightning, but they can absorb it to heal themselves as well.  They store it, in a manner similar to stormseekers, although they keep it in their bones and can't blast bolts of lightning at targets. Thus, any hostile or unwanted contact with a blue sphinx results in a powerful, stunning shock.  Even when the sphinx is standing idle, small arcs of lightning can be seen coursing along the length of their body.  They can control their shocking ability though, so if you are on good terms with one, touching or being touched by that individual is perfectly safe. Blue sphinxes are vain and prideful, but slightly more lascivious and naughty than the rest of their kind, and are less inclined to follow strict codes of honor.  For instance, they have nothing against sneak attacks, having lost countless battles against the fierce harpies of the zone when they announced themselves and their intentions. They are also on friendly terms with nekos and will very rarely attack or feed on them.

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