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This species of dryad has dark brown skin (or red if they live in the jungle of perils) and hair of the same color.  Their tree part is covered by thorns, as is their human part, though to a much lesser extent.  Each thorn is coated by a powerful liquid sleeping agent that can knock out a kensha beast in mere minutes.  Although their thorns make them very dangerous to give surprise hugs to, a bramble dryad can retract their thorns instantly, and they usually do so when their friends are around.  To do so indicates that the dryad both trusts and respects you. They are extremely dangerous for adventurers, being able to use their roots as weapons, ripping them from the ground with great speed in even at a distance from the dryad.  These roots have more than enough strength to crack a vehicle in two, and enough precision to flick a cigarette out of your mouth without touching your face. This precision comes in handy when catching running prey. Bramble dryads share the same mental network as other dryads but tend to not use it very much, being more solitary and secretive than other species.