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Like one could figure, cactus dryads are found in desert zones and wastelands, mostly in the Akaptor desert. They are rare and rather small compared to most dryads, usually reaching heights of 80 to 90 feet, due to the lack of water. Their plant half is that of a giant cactus, ranging from light green to dark green or brown in color.  They can store vast amounts of nutrients and water for very long periods of time in their lower halves. Their human part is usually a dark tan color and is covered in a thick carpet of cactus needles, thicker than a bramble dryad's thorns.  Like bramble dryads, cactus dryads can retract these spines in the presence of friends, but can also launch them towards an enemy or attacker at a great speed.  For some reason, the time magic of the Akaptor desert is weaker around a cactus dryad, and some mages have theorized that the dryads are able to drain it to a certain extent. Cactus dryads are extremely voracious because of the lack of food and water in the desert, and will rarely let prey escape.  They hunt by creating very realistic mirages and unless you are familiar with the zone and know that there is no oasis there, it is highly probable that you will be fooled by the illusion.  There are exceptions though, and Akaptor nomads are said to have managed to befriend some of these dryads.

  • Credits to melancholy-melody13 and Icalasari for the Cactus dryads idea.