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This particular species of fairies can be found in Deeper Felarya and a few other zones. They are rather similar to other fairies, although with more pronounced elven traits such as pointy ears. They also look generally wilder, with unkept hair, various patches on their skins, and reckless personnalities. They usually live near the top of the trees. Canopy fairies are famous for their excellent skills in dimensional magic. Phasing in and out of this dimension is as natural as breathing to them which, needless to say, makes them extremely dangerous. When a being phases out of this dimension it becomes almost invisible to normal eyes and cannot be harmed by any physical means. As if this ability wasn't bad enough, a canopy fairy can resort to deadly spells such as their terrible "belly warp": an almost invisible magical trap that teleports the victim directly into the stomach of the fairy who set it ! If you're sneaking into the lair of canopy fairy while not invited, you are almost bound to walk into one.

=== Known Canopy Fairies ===