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Cepias, also called "cuttlefolk" are half-cuttlefish-half-humans beings, living in small village-like enclaves among coral reefs at various depths.  They are usually human-sized, but can grow several times larger.  The leader of a tribe of cepias, which can consist of a dozen or so individuals, is chosen mainly for their size... if someone is big enough to swallow you, then cepias think that they must be smart, strong, and wily, in order to have survived and grown so big.  Their societies are similar to that of chlaenas, albeit more primitive.  Cepias are preyed upon extensively by their larger cousins and merfolk alike, and they aren't totally safe from one another, either.  They are very expressive to one another with their complex and extremely rich, chromataphore-based language, and also pretty aggressive too, having a mindset similar to a cecaelia's, for the most part.  Oddly enough, some tribes choose to worship the massive kraken caelias that wander the oceans, apart from normal beliefs held by both chlaena and cecaelia.

  • Credits goes to TheQuantumMechanic, Zoekin, Shaman, Xeno the hedgehog, and Fish for the design of Cecaelias and their subspecies.