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The Crimson Maidens are an isolationist tribe of fairies residing in the Crimson woods.  Rarely seen outside of their borders, they are extremely powerful magic users, especially in their mastery of fire magic.  Typically tall and thin, most have red or pink hair and bright red eyes. Their society is almost entirely female, most of the males having perished in the last war they waged.  They are organized around their leader Alsherala and together they defend their domain against any intruders.  They take little interest in affairs outside their wood, and only in the face of serious invasion do the Maidens assemble their dreaded Fire Legions and march to war.  Every time they have done so, their enemies have run in terror after facing them in battle.  Those few who survive can only speak of horrible monsters who could turn things to ash with a touch and whose gaze melted everything they rested upon. Unlike most fairies, Crimson Maiden warriors wear armor in battle, usually metallic breastplates and greaves which deflect magical attacks and amplify their already deadly fire abilities.  Crimson maidens are, by far, the most dangerous species of fairy you could encounter anywhere in Felarya.  Fortunately they rarely venture outside their domain except for younglings who are on their proving quest.

=== Known Crimson Maidens ===

  • Credits to Randomdude for the Crimson maidens idea.