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This unusual species of mermaid is mainly found in underwater caverns, though they have sometimes been spotted swimming in the Jewel river. They are a giant species, averaging 170 feet in length. Their name comes from the fragments of pure crystal and gems that seem to be embedded in various parts of their body, both fish and human halves. The amount of this natural decoration varies greatly from one mermaid to another. Some are almost void of it, while some are literally covered by crystal. Crystal mermaids are mainly known -and feared- for their voice. It's sweet, though not entrancing like other mermaids, but they possess very powerful lungs that can blast a very high frequency sonic shock wave when they "sing". This terrible attack can shatter glass for a mile in all directions, destroy the body of a ship, and even make your ears bleed if you are too close. Prey are usually utterly stunned and disoriented after hearing it, and the mermaid merely has to stretch an arm out to pick them up. In a serious fight, the mermaid will focus her song on a single point, usually the heart or the brain of their enemy, turning their voice into a lethal and fearsome weapon.