Main categories
Felaryan fauna - Felaryan flora - Races - Characters - Locations - History and Lore - Science and Magic - Culture and Customs

Felaryan proverbs

Proverbs, expressions, and various saying of popular wisdom, used by different species around Felarya.


Listing and descriptions of some of the religions found across Felarya.

Games and Recreation

Various types of games usually played on Felarya. Many of them are native to this world and pretty much found only there.

Felaryan Cuisine

Various dishes served only on Felarya.


Most common currencies used in Felarya.

Felaryan Calendar

How the passage of time is recorded in Felarya.

Felaryan Language

Description of the different means of communication used on Felarya, and of the powerful spell of translation cast by Almikar Potentis over the continent.

Culture by species

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