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Darkness elementals create their bodies out of pure darkness. They mostly live in dark caves or bottomless abysses where very little or no light can be found. This type of elemental is typically very powerful in its element, as they can be virtually invisible.  Unlucky adventurers in the dark may experience the horrible feeling of finding the darkness around them suddenly beginning to solidify, then becoming fleshy, turning into a stomach. However, darkness elementals are also terribly weak against light, as it will  directly attack its very body. It's important to note that, contrary to popular belief, a darkness elemental is not necessarily evil.

===Abyssal Disc===
A type of darkness elemental that resides in the most lightless, deepest parts of the Topazial Sea depths.  Physically it's extremely flat, almost merely a membrane of darkness stretched over the ocean bottom, and is stationary.  There it lies in wait for prey to approach, at which point it strikes.  Nearly anything that touches its surface becomes stuck fast, as if to a sticky mat.  The creature then draws in the rest of its prey, until it is enveloped and is only seen as a bulge in the totally dark, flat disc.  Since abyssal discs are highly magical in nature like other elementals, they share an elemental's appetite.  However, they can sustain themselves to a degree by utilizing the magical properties of Felarya's soil, in the form of the sediment directly beneath them, which their wide surface area makes the best use of.  They are known to have an extreme aversion to light, which because of their exceptionally thin nature, is quite distressing and even damaging to them.  One of their most common predators, the shinade, makes excellent use of this weakness.  The largest abyssal discs residing in the deepest abysses of Felaya are said to cover immense areas of ocean floor.

=== Known Darkness Elementals ===

  • credits to Fish for the Abyssal discs.