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Danger: Hazardous

Inhabitants: dryads, dimensional dragons, canopy fairies, nagas, archmantises, dimensional trappers, vortex tigers, flying squids, eisners, pantaurs, hydra tree, mumansis, saslenoths

Characters : Alvar, Malika

The trees of Deeper Felarya are truly gigantic, with immense trunks that dwarf the surrounding plants and stretch majestically toward the sky, rising to unimaginable heights. Their leaves have a blueish tint to them, which creates a natural blue vault, bathing the entire area in an aquatic light. These large trees have equally large spaces between them that are blanketed with a wide variety of flowers. A network of small rivers and ponds crisscross the landscape, their gentle burbling making this forest an enchanting place that could be a paradise... if only it wasn't so dangerous. The forest commonly called "Deeper Felarya" is actually a sort of intermediate zone, an entrance to the Green hell, an immense area north of the map that remains largely unexplored and unmapped. Tales of that area speak of bizarre and gigantic creatures living there. It's hard to discern what is fact and what is fiction, but the inhabitants of deeper Felarya are definitely strange and unpredictable themselves, a glimpse of what can be found further north. The fauna is composed of many dimensional based creatures able to phase in and out to catch their prey. Deeper Felarya is an unstable zone not unlike Miragia forest, although considerably less volatile.

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