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Earth elementals are spirits who build their bodies out of the soil or minerals of Felarya. They are usually the strongest of elementals, possessing a tremendous strength, and the resistance of stones. They tend to be slow and heavy though, relying on ambush and staying utterly still in order to hunt. Patience is one of the most prominent trait of earth elementals and time seems to be a very abstract concept to them, hard to grasp even for a sentient one.  Their appearances varies widely, from that of grotesque hulking animals made out of rock and earth, to that of graceful humanoid with crystalline bodies with glowing gemstones for eyes. Because earth elementals are made from the very soil of Felarya,  they literally take into themselves the healing property of Felarya, granting them amazing regenerative abilities, and very powerful healing magic. Many earth elemental also possess the ability to move through stone or dirt as easily as a fish swims through water.  Earth elementals represent a huge hazard for miners across Felarya. Not only do they tend to see miners as tasty treats, but they also see them as intruders, and mining in general as a gross invasion of privacy.

=== Known Earth Elementals ===
*Queen Thanjayuur