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Elle is a giantess from the jungle world of Dorontu.  She is currently in Felarya because of a strange phenomenon that sometimes happens when she sleeps with a full stomach.  This strange phenomenon jumps her between worlds, seemingly at random.  She has no clue at what causes it but she hopes to find an answer in Felarya. She was taught by her mother from a young age about "The Law of the Jungle", which basically states that you eat what you eat, and you are eaten by whatever eats you.  There is no "argued morality" in this logic, just the simple fact of the circle of life.  This philosophy is well suited to harsh worlds such as Dorontu and Felarya. Elle follows that philosophy thoroughly, so any prey she catches has essentially no chance of avoiding her belly; indeed, Elle is very voracious.  Her favorite food is humans, whom she loves to hunt and feel squirming around in her stomach.  However, she will (in a pinch) eat leafy vegetation, and won't complain too loudly about because she knows it's good for her digestive tract.

Elle stumbled on Crisis upon her arrival on Felarya and the two seem to get along pretty well.

==Stories featuring Elle==
* "Deadly Innocence"
* "When Worlds Collide"
* "Precious Cargo"

  • Elle belongs to El Portero. Contact