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Endymion is a powerful lava elemental, and Royal blacksmith of the Mont Vylkren.

His skills are legendary.  He is said to know the secret of the Tedrek Titan's steel and have created many weapons used by gods. Also legendary is his extremely grumpy character.  He doesn't respect any kind of protocol or hierarchy, and speaks to everyone as an equal, including his king, Trazix.  Trazix doesn't seem to mind at all, but this greatly upset his wife, the succubus Faldhatée, who sees it as an outrage.  While she grumbles about it, she doesn't confront Endymion about it though, as the cranky blacksmith is seen as an old and invaluable friend by Trazix and is also a powerful mage. Endymion also possess a piercing stare that few beings in Felarya can withstand.



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