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A rather small and shy variety of dryad growing throughout Bulvon wood, or along the edge of the Fairy kingdom, and sometimes in Deeper Felarya.  They stand anywhere from eighty to a hundred and sixty feet in height, with dark green mottled skin that enables them to blend into the dappled shadows of the lush undergrowth of their preferred habitat. The most distinctive feature of faebanes is a wide pink bloom that covers the top of the dryad's head with its large fleshy petals.  Multiple smaller flowers of the same color grow on their shoulders as well. This produces a powerful odor that provides the dryad with her favorite meal: fairies. So powerful is this pheromone-laden scent that these dryads are always smelt before they are seen. Especially as they take great care to conceal their presence from both prey and predators.

The intoxicating scent makes fairies feel extremely carefree and euphoric. They are overcome with a desire to locate the source of the odor and to adopt a human size in the process. Only those with extremely strong wills are able to escape the siren song of the chemical lure, and only for a limited amount of time. Once within range of the dryad, the dozy fey are gently enticed towards the flowering bloom on top of her head and then gently snatched and gulped down. Faebanes can also inhale their prey out of the air at short range. The strong grip of the dryad's powerful oesophagus is guaranteed to damage the precious wings of the unfortunate fairy, rendering them helpless once in the stomach of the predator. Faebanes are secretive and prefer to avoid contact with people outside of eating them. They also tend to uproot and move themselves a lot more often and faster than other dryads in order to avoid being located and destroyed by vengeful fairies. On rare occasions, the chemicals of the dryad's flowers are harvested and sold by a few select dealers for purposes that are best left ignored.

  • Credits to Zoekin for the Faebane.