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Fire elementals are, as the name suggests, elemental spirits inhabiting a body made of flames. While fire normally spread further or burn out, fire elementals are able to keep theirs remarkably regulated and to have parts of their bodies cooling down to the point that contact with them become just warm, instead of being burning hot. Like all elementals, they range a lot in intelligence, but fire elementals in general tend to be passionate, impulsive, easily roused to anger, love or other emotions. They also tend to give themselves without hesitation to their desires, and they enjoy causing chaos and mischief. They are among the most dangerous types of elementals in Felarya, simply because of the element constituting their bodies. They can use it to easily set their enemies alight and ignite the environment. Their great control over fire means they can use it to block escape routes and coral prey as well. Fire elementals can be found across Felarya, but are obviously very rare in wet environments.