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Frost succubi are mostly found in the frost plane of Hell called Acheron. They have usually a blueish or purpleish pale skin and are very powerful cold-based spellcasters. Their realm of Acheron is a very hostile frozen desert, dangerous to all creatures, even demons.

Thus, frost succubi and other demons in Acheron tend to group together in huge cities.  This suits the frost succubi perfectly, because they are more of an urban race anyway. They are fascinated by crowded places, full of life, commerce, intrigues, and political schemes.  Frost succubi are often seen as the most refined species of succubi, despising war and preferring art and diplomacy. They form a manipulative and devious species, very hard to read. Skilled schemers, they seem to possess an innate aptitude for making long-term plans, carefully weighting their options, and anticipating every possible future development in a given situation. Lying, seducing, and using others is second nature to them, making them skillful politicians. However, the point of the game is to have others do their part willingly, through bribes, diplomacy, bargains or seduction, never resorting to violence... or at least never *being seen* resorting to violence. Murder is perfectly acceptable as long as you are not caught, but there is nothing a frost succubus loves more than achieving her goal in a perfectly legal manner, including having her snack walk right down in to her maw because they were tricked by a contract in to doing so. The code of laws of Acheron itself is something incredibly twisted, complex, cold, and sometimes absurd, which a mortal could spend their entire life studying before grasping only the basics. It's no wonder one of the favorite recreational activites of frost succubi is the Frost Gate, a game with tortuous and changing rules, requiring a lot of wit and a very quick mind.

Making a deal with a frost succubus is a very risky business, as most of them are very clever and know how to bend a seemingly straight-forward pact into virtually anything they desire through subtle interpretations, much like a genie. They adore putting little traps, backdoors, provisions that can be interpreted in multiple ways, and clauses in fine print to gain every little advantage they can. It must be noted that, most often, when a frost succubus writes a contract with a human, she will put a explicit clause in plain sight allowing her to eat the human under certain circumstances. The motivation behind it varies, though; sometimes it's only as a custom, or to add some thrill to the deal...

=== Known Frost Succubi ===

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