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Gerridis don't actually have the lower half of an arachnid, but in spite of this everyone classifies them as dridders anyway, which annoys them to no end.  Gerridis do not get along well with their half arachnid cousins, as they are far more interested in music, dancing, and arts, rather than honing their fighting skills.  They always avoid fighting whenever possible, as their body is not well suited to it. Gerridis possess a slender and fragile frame, with delicate features that are closer to fairy's than a dridder's. They are generally about twelve feet high. They have six very long and thin legs, each of which is covered in a liquid that allows them to walk on the surface of water, much like a water strider.  They are extremely fast and agile when on the water, able to silently travel over large expanses of still water faster than a jet ski.  These thin legs are obviously weak points as well, but a gerridi is able grow back severed legs in a few hours, though this is very taxing on them. Gerridis live in swamp zones and use blow darts as weapons, often coating their darts with various types of venoms.  Their preferred venom is a shrinking one, effective against small animal and sometimes humans. Some gerridis are known for their excellent mastery of water magic as well, and the leader of a gerridi pack will often be a shaman.

  • Credits to MukatKiKaarn for the idea of Gerridis.