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Dwellers of the very deepest parts of Topazial sea, they possess transparent bodies, which gives them their namesake.  It is possible to see right through them, and their internal organs are visible.  They are a medium-sized subspecies, usually growing to only about 40-50 feet.  They can easily be preyed upon by the dangerous creatures in their environment but glass caelias have developed an unusual defense against this.  While their skin is completely transparent and lacks the chromatophores other cephaloid races have, their internal organs do possess these color-changing cells.  In addition, they have bioluminescent glands located in several places inside their body, that they can control at will. This allows a glass caelia to float motionlessly in the abyssal depths, using their chromatophores to make their organs blend into the background, leading to the glass caelia becoming nearly invisible.  At the same time, they can make the bioluminescent glands in a portion of their body glow (such as at the tip of a tentacle), and slowly wave it back and forth.

When a creature comes to investigate, possibly in hopes of finding prey, the glass caelia will spring into action, often swallowing it in an instant before their prey even has a chance to realize what has happened. Glass caelia also seem to be utterly undetectable by the predator sense, making it a bit easier for them to conceal themselves from dangerous creatures... which is a necessity, since they are much weaker and more fragile than other species of cecaelia. Glass caelias rely entirely on concealment, ambush, and the element of surprise to survive in their deadly environment. Not much is known about glass caelias, as they are shy and reclusive beings, and notoriously unsociable.  They seem much less curious about things outside of their experience than other species of caelia, and rarely ever leave the "security" of the dark world they inhabit.  It is said that the last time a glass caelia visited Ryzelm’oire was over 500 years ago, and the previous visit was nearly a millennia before then!

  • Credits goes to TheQuantumMechanic, Zoekin, Shaman, Xeno the hedgehog, and Fish for the design of Cecaelias and their subspecies.