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This rare species of giant harpies has shiny golden skin, golden or bronze feathers, blond hair, and an astounding beauty that could match a succubus's. They are usually very greedy and attracted to shiny things they love to amass in their nest. Seasoned treasure hunters know that if they catch a glimpse of a golden harpy flying in the sky, chances are high there is some valuable treasure nearby. Golden harpies are naturally fond of jewels and gems, and love to wear bracelets, amulets, earrings, and other trinkets. They are rather vain and take great care of their body, literally spending hours washing their face, combing their hair, polishing their claws, lustering their feathers and admiring themselves in the water, often drawing sarcastic comments from less meticulous species of harpies.

A human caught by a golden harpy has a small chance of making it out alive by using a mix of bribery with promises of shiny treasures and flattery. There's only a small chance of success however, as golden harpies are cunning, and firmly convinced that eating humans now and then is healthy and good for their figure.