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Felaryan fauna - Felaryan flora - Races - Characters - Locations - History and Lore - Science and Magic - Culture and Customs

A Majuras elf at work.

Despite the countless dangers of this dangerous world, many civilizations and groups have established themselves in the course of history, and some managed to thrive and prosper, leaving their mark, and creating sometimes surprisingly rich cultures and wondrous achievements. Because Felarya is such an unique world on so many levels, those cultures are unique too, with recurrent themes such as the force and unpredictability of nature or the food chain.


Current or fallen civilizations, groups and various ways of living across Felarya.


A detailed timeline of the history of Felarya.


Description of historical events taking place throughout the Felaryan history.


Listing of rumors legends, tales, words of wisdom circulating across Felarya, gathered from many sources.

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