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A very rare, almost legendary species of naga.  They are said to live in the deepest northern parts of Felarya, areas that very few explorers have ever reached.  According to the tales describing them, hydranagas have a multi-colored snake part and three humans bodies attached together, each of them with their own personality and skills.  For example, a hydranaga could be composed of a patient and quiet strategist, a fierce and impulsive warrior and a cute and shy spell caster.  This makes hydranagas an extremely powerful and versatile creature when the three bodies are in accord, which is not always a given... Like one could guess, hydranagas have an enormous appetite.  As a matter of fact, the tales talk mostly about hydranagas that were pushed out of their zone by hunger, and who ended up rampaging and gorging themselves on entire villages before leaving once satiated.

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