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Danger: Hazardous

Inhabitants: snowstalkers, nopsidstaraneis, flat back frost turtles    

The Imoreith Tundra is a vast expanse of snow and ice, located in the north-west of the continent. It's situated at a high elevation in the grip of a perpetually cold climate. So far, the only known way to reach it is by taking dangerous passes up from the Elifga valley. The tundra is always covered in a thick layer of snow with a few small scrubs and grasses. It's generally desolate and rocky, with the white patched ground stretching in all directions. There are a few low hills and sometimes mysterious piles of massive rocks, the purpose of which is unknown. The air seems thinner and more frigid here, and has a very strange feeling too it, which people have a hard time describing. The whole of Imoreith tundra is well known for being enveloped in bizarre phenomenon involving sounds. In general, every sound seems to resonate here, echoing long across the snows; though in some areas there are no sounds at all.  These areas appear to be distributed entirely randomly; one could suddenly have conversations cut off or amplified to a painfully loud volume by simply walking a few feet.  Sometimes sound will carry only a short distance, other times it will literally drift across the entire zone. One has to learn to stop trusting their ears in this place.  The creatures here often use the acoustic properties by suppressing the noises they make when they hunt, creating confusing and misleading noises, or even using loud sounds as sonic attacks.  Many predators of the tundra seem to have developed ways to pinpoint noises despite the large aural confusion, giving them an edge over any adventurers. At night, the entire sky fills with strange, colourful, eerie lights and complex patterns not visible in other parts of Felarya, perhaps due to the altered atmosphere here.  Some people claim that if you listen close enough, you can hear the bizarre music of this place in these dancing lights.  Others claim the lights can show you the way through this zone... if they want to. It is believed that the Tundra leads to further lands of ice and snow, though very few have traversed the tundra and returned.

  • credits to Jaette-troll for helping with the description of Imoreith Tundra.

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