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Jade is a rather stern and serious giantess. Nobody knows very much about her past, a subject she keeps for herself, but she comes from another world and unlike her friend Jora, she was born at a giant size. Jade is an exception among most giantesses of Felarya. She would never eat a sentient being, such as a human or a neko, and feeds instead on fruits and animals. She won't reveal why but from what is known, one can assume it has to do with something terrible that happened in her past. Whatever the reason is, Jade is in perfect control of her appetite and will never break this self-imposed rule. She will even often protect small beings from danger if she can, and many predators quickly learned to relocate their hunt when she is nearby. Indeed, Jade is a powerful fighter and can be very dangerous in hand to hand combat. She also possesses a will of steel and will rarely back down in a fight.

Jade remains calm most of the time, composed and tight-lipped. Earning her trust is very hard but once you do, Jade makes a very solid friend, loyal to the death.

==Stories featuring Jade==
* "One against all"
* "The giant and the big human"
* "The hunter and the protector"
* "The protector's dark past"
* "A familiar face"
* "The Felaryan knight"
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* "Don't forget me"
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* "Jade's greatest challenge"
* "Jade + Jora's greatest challenge"
* "Tanny"
* "A question about food"
* "Humans, small brains, insights"
* "The history of a protector"



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