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A taurian cephalopod of truly colossal proportions, often compared to the legendary leviathan mermaid.  Kraken caelias have eight octopus arms on their lower half, as well as two very long, incredibly powerful tentacles like that of a cecaelia, totaling twelve limbs, including their humanoid arms.  Their bodies are elastic and lack a rigid body structure, which means that a kraken, quite frankly, has no concept of “full”, since there is little that could fully satiate it.  They are considered a massive threat to the majority of the creatures in the ocean, and sometimes above it. Surprisingly, they may agree, like leviathans, to provide human vessels safe passage.  The only difference is that while leviathans do so for altruistic reasons, krakens do so out of selfish ones.  Their idea of “protecting the humans” is actually to use them as bait and eat any predator that comes to investigate!  As such, they are considered as a fickle, chaotic,  and dangerous (but effective) allies by humans.  Like leviathans they are extremely rare though.  It is believed that there are no more than two dozens in all the Topazial sea.

Their behavior is utterly unpredictable.  They can crawl across the ocean floor, investigating everything they come across, usually accidentally destroying things along the way, or they can suddenly appear at the surface for no other reason than to sow discord and chaos, showing up at battles they don’t belong in and basically raising hell.  There are even reports of one kraken caelia actually crawling out of the ocean, perching on an island, and simply watching the horizon, occasionally snatching up a harpy or human vessel that would come to investigate.  Despite that, their action don't actually seem malicious; their way of thinking is just a little bit alien to most races and their great size and formidable strength grants them full reign of wherever they wish, with little to stand in their way.

  • Credits goes to TheQuantumMechanic, Zoekin, Shaman, Xeno the hedgehog, and Fish for the design of Cecaelias and their subspecies.