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Alastazia Lesona is the youngest member of the Ps'isol magiocrats council ruling Negav. She is a very ambitious woman, calculating, cold, and ruthless. She has no qualms whatsoever manipulating others, seducing them, or sacrificing them for her own interests. Alastazia is an excellent mage, like the rest of the council, but she is one of the weakest of them when it comes to pure spell-casting. She is famous, however, for being able to cast a wide array of very powerful curses on her victims. The effects vary a lot, from merely annoying, to debilitating or deadly. She is sometimes called the "maiden of curses".

Alastazia doesn't like to engage an enemy in direct confrontation if she can avoid it, preferring to use more sneaky and subtle tactics, such as crippling them with curses, then retreating to quietly observe the effects from a distance. Those curses can usually bypass any magic immunity or protection and are very hard to dispel, ending only if Alastazia decides so, or if the victim dies.  Every time she uses a curse on someone, she uses a small amulet that keeps her informed on the course of the curse and how it's evolving.  Her curses are also much more effective if used at night, and if she can spend quite some time preparing for that particular use. Even though she prefers to use curses to kill her enemies from a distance, mistaking this as cowardice would be a huge, and possibly fatal, mistake, as Alastazia won't shy away from duels or from intervening personally in a dangerous situation if need be.

What her goals are remain unclear.  She claims she wants to cleanse Felarya of its predators, since she lost her sister to them, but some troubling elements of her past and current behavior suggest that this may not be the full story.



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