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Lava elementals are created from superheated rock. They live mostly in volcanic environments, near to the stuff of their creation. Lava elementals are particularly powerful as they have the immense power of a fire elemental combined with the regenerative powers of an earth elemental. The more intelligent spirits often take on humanoid forms, the most famous being Lava Lords like King Trazix. Lava elementals tend to have wide ranges of demeanor, from a grounded cheerfulness to a fiery temper when angered.

Mafexes are lava elementals living nearly entirely within its element. They resemble fishes of a breathtakingly exotic and beautiful variety, all coloured blinding shades of orange, yellow and red and with many gossamer fins that shimmer and reform. The pattern of colours on their body shift as the lava they are made up of flows within their form. Despite their beauty it is not advised to get too close as even being within the proximity to one of these creatures can cause your body to start to combust. They are however usually viewed at a distance as they live most of their lives leaping and swimming in lava flows. They do not need to eat as long as they are in their element and are mostly harmless, though as a curious species that is also dangerous to be near, it is best not to attract their attention.

Gullins are a very fearsome type of lava elemental that lives in volcanic areas. It resembles in shape a massive, over-muscled boar with a large sharp mane and two pairs of tusks. It appears however to be made of a dark cracked rock, through which can be seen veins of flowing lava. The bristles and eyes of the Gullin burn red hot, adding to its frightening appearance. While the outside of the Gullin is rocklike, its veins and stomach flow with lava. Their "stomach" would actually probably be better described as a furnace - whatever the Gullin eats is combusted here into fuel for the animal. While they roam around eating coal, the Gullins never seem to be satiated and will devour nearly anything to fuel themselves.

=== Known Lava Elementals ===
*King Trazix

  • Credits to Jaette-troll for the Mafexes and Gullins ideas.