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The legendary leviathan mermaid is very rarely seen, and some say there are no more than a dozen of them in all the seas of Felarya. As their name implies, they are absolutely gigantic! It's difficult to get an accurate idea of their real size through all the tales that have been weaved around them, but one can assume safely that their total length easily surpasses 700 feet. Despite their intimidating size, leviathan mermaids are some of the most potentially benevolent giant creatures in Felarya. They feed mostly on fish and very rarely on humans. Moreover, they are deeply aware of their surrounding, thanks to their keen senses, and won't sink a ship unawares. They are usually surrounded by a school of much smaller mermaids swimming in their wake. Leviathan mermaids have acquired an excellent reputation and are viewed by sailors as kind guardians and guides who will often  offer their help to a lost ship and transport it to the nearest island. Sometimes they will swallow small enough crafts, and store them in a second special stomach, a scary but perfectly safe way to travel.

They possess a very developed sense of navigation, stemming from an intimate knowledge of underwater terrain and ocean currents. Thanks to powerful muscles in their tail, and despite their massive bulk, they are able to move at a good speed. A typical leviathan mermaid can cover around 200 miles in one day's travel, better than most sailing ships, and not terribly slower than more modern vessels. Though they are usually very kind, leviathan mermaids should not be mistaken for mindlessly benevolent giants. They are clever and fiercely protective of their schools, which they rarely leave unattended. Needless to say angering a leviathan mermaid is generally not very healthy ! Anyone foolish and suicidal enough to try, will most likely find themselves, their ship, and their crew digesting within the giant mermaid's real stomach, to join her fat reserves for months to come.

  • Credits goes to MukatKiKaarn for the Leviathans idea.