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Lightning Elementals are made from pure electricity, constantly flowing and thus shaped into a form. Lightning Elementals are never still, constantly shifting as they pulse over and over. Lightning Elementals are usually ariel creatures and are most common in areas like the Great rocky fields. Lightning Elementals' power increase greatly during lightning storms, when they can augment with extra electricity. The most powerful Lightning elementals only appear during storms (or create storms wherever they go!) They tend to be chaotic, or at least in many ways very alien, living and thinking in a very different way to those static beings on the ground.

An animalistic lightning elemental, Tanngiosts resemble large Rams, made of electricity, thundering through the sky. They are attracted to where storms occour, but have no power over storms themselves. During these storms, they often fight each other, for dominance over some unknown. They sometimes jump down to the ground in a blast of lightning before charging back to the sky in an instant to impact their rivals. No one has stuck around long enough during one of these events to see if there is actually a winner.

  • Credits to Jaette-troll for the Tanngiosts,