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Marken Ubolh is the rather grumpy assistant of the fairy Subeta. Exactly how he became the assistant of such a deadly predator is a mystery, as well as his exact relationship with her. One would expect the fairy to make a quick snack of him but, instead, Subeta not only protects him, but treats him with care and, besides some friendly teasing, a lot of respect. When asked why, Subeta would just subtly (or not) change the subject, and Marken would just grumble that it's none of your business.

Marken is quite a good mage and a seasoned dungeon crawler, very used to dangerous expeditions in abandoned temples or ancient tombs, full of traps and monsters. He claims to be able to see ghosts, and even communicate with them. Among other things, spirits will each day reveal to him whether this day will be his last or not. Because these spirits have never failed in their predictions so far, Marken is quite confident when the spirits tell him he won't die today, and becomes much more cautious if the spirits stay silent, an ominous omen usually announcing a day full of dangers. One could think the guy is just mad but the fact is these spirits provide him with informations he couldn't possibly have known by himself.



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