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Also called Meiramis mermaids, Meiramines aren't the biggest species of mermaids.  The general size of an adult varies between 20 to 50 feet in length, though larger specimens have been reported as well.  Their fish half is that of a spinner dolphin, though some possess scales.  Most Meiramines are rather slim; it's rare to find a bulky one. When Meiramines inhale water, they keep the oxygen and pump the water in to a special second stomach running along their tail.  They then use the water stored in their hydro-stomach to shoot jets of highly pressurized water at a target.  Their esophagus as well as their stomach and, to a certain extent, their mouth is very stretchy, but also very compact.  This allows a Meiramine to swallow tons of water in one go.  Their jets are extremely accurate and can be turned into a potent weapon, or can be used to simply pull pranks, which is a thing Meiramines love to do.  If needed, they can fire all of their stored water in one, single, pressurized water bombshell.  This is rather devastating, but they need to re-fill their stomach immediately afterwards if they want to fire again.

Their strong tail allows them to do acrobatics by jumping out of the water, and it also allows them to swim fast.  They have an excellent hearing both underwater and out of water, and their vocal chords can be used like a sonar.  Meiramines are widely seen as a playful and mostly friendly species of mermaids.  They love putting on shows to humans by jumping and doing acrobatics out of the water.  They can be mischievous sometimes, squirting their water right into people's face, while others steal their lunch.  They are rather chaotic and there is no telling what other prank they will pull next, and they can be quite creative in this matter.  While Meiramines are usually friendly, this doesn't mean that they won't swallow a human from time to time, if they are big enough and if they are hungry, or if the idea simply pops into their mind. Most Meiramines are found in the Topazial sea, though some were reported as far as the Jewel river and the Chordoni beach.  Most of them prefer warm, tropical water over fresh water.

  • Credits goes to Sean Okotami for the Meiramines idea.

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