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This species of fairies can be mostly found in the misty glade and parts of the mist ocean.  If most fairies are good at illusions, then mist fairies are masters of it. From creating mirages to altering the senses, all of their illusions look incredibly real. The first spell a mist fairy ever learns is duplication. They use it almost constantly, often without even thinking about it. The duplicates look so real that sometimes you can't even tell if the mist fairy before you is the original or not. Mist Fairies know very well about this confusion of course, and take advantage of it : they might use a double to scare the living daylights out of a poor adventurer by fake-eating him, or they might play some practical jokes on him, or both.

The double is not just an image though : it can speak, see, hear, and, if the fairy is really skilled, fight and cast magic as well.  There are even cases where mist fairies have been seen creating doubles of themselves to solve a problem, with each of the copies thinking about a different aspect of the problem. The ability to duplicate makes mist fairies powerful indeed, but fortunately they are one of the less aggressive and dangerous species to humans on Felarya.  The magical mist where they live sustains them, so a mist fairy will never get really hungry as long as they remain in the mist.  Although this doesn't make an encounter with them perfectly safe, it gives them a rather good reputation among adventurers. If they leave the mist however, they become just as hungry as other fairies, and even more dangerous because of their skill at illusions.  Unfortunately for adventurers everywhere, Mist Fairies are curious and adventurous by nature, and are sometimes seen very far from their nourishing mists...