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Mycodryads are very rare and only found in some particular places that have plenty of fungus and lichen around. Mycoria forest happens to be one such place. Mycodryads are symbiotic lifeforms, dryads living in harmony with the ambient fungus. Because of this, they have an incredible ability to regenerate. Their plant part is not made of bark like other dryads, but is instead made of mushroom, and thus is a lot softer and easier to pierce or tear. However, should you hurt a mycodryad, her wounds will close almost instantly, and even if you cut off one of her limbs it would regenerate in mere seconds. This rapid regeneration combined with their inability to feel pain has led to the rumor that mycodryads are invincible. This is incorrect, but only if you use some very powerful magic. Mycodryads are very friendly with fungoïds.  Because these creatures can't speak and have a scary appearance, everyone considers them as little more than monsters.  This couldn't be further from the truth, as fungoïds are actually an intelligent race, wise and philosophical.