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They are also commonly known as blue-ringed chlaenas, and are one of the smallest of all chlaena subspecies.  On average, they measure about a foot from base to the top of their head, and not many grow much larger. While nihlmarreths are just as voracious as other chlaenas, their small size means that they pose very little threat to human-sized creatures as predators; their typical prey are crustaceans, fish, shellfish, and other creatures that can be found near the shores and reefs of the Topazial Sea.

Despite their small size, nihlmarreths are more than capable of defending themselves from most predators; the small creatures possess an absolutely devastating neurotoxic venom, which is capable of paralyzing a 60 foot mermaid in just under two minutes.  Multiple bites from an individual or a small group of nihlmarreths are lethal to even the largest oceanic predators; this means that most predators who know about the small chlaenas tend to leave them alone. Fortunately, nihlmarreths are a friendly, if somewhat odd, species; their behavior is similar to that of many pacific island cultures, and they are cheerfully welcoming to most beings they encounter.  As long as they aren’t threatened or seriously angered (which is a bit easier to do than with the average chlaena), they are very sociable and laid-back creatures. It is easy to tell when a nihlmarreth is angered or feels threatened enough to defend herself; their skin changes color from its usual pattern to a bright yellow color, with glowing blue rings and slash-like marks standing out sharply against the yellow background.  If you see this display, consider it your final warning, and stop doing whatever it was you were doing! While nihlmarreths tend to have little to fear from the average predator, some mid-sized predators have become extremely adept at feeding on the little chlaenas; particularly some species of sea slug girls whose natural immunity to nihlmarreth venom makes these predators the biggest threat nihlmarreths face

  • Credits goes to TheQuantumMechanic, Zoekin, Shaman, Xeno the hedgehog, and Fish for the design of Cecaelias and their subspecies.