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Obrazyns can be found in several realms of Hell, as well as outside of it and even in physical worlds as they are the species of their kin that is the most adept at maintaining a physical form outside of a spiritual world under the right circumstances. They form a particularly dangerous species of succubi, despite their delicate appearance. Their bodies looks lithe and rather fragile, generally small in frame compared to their sisters. Their skins come in varied colors but are often marbled with beautiful patterns and sporting gems that seem to be encrusted into various parts of their bodies.  Obrazyns are generally arrogant and vain, loving to look at themselves, sneaky and very curious.

Obrazyns are often called mirror succubi as they draw their power from reflections. Whenever and obrazyn stands near an object or a surface that is reflective enough, her reflection become a clone of herself. It immediately increases her raw power as the double in the reflection is like a copy of herself she can talk to and use to help her process more information faster. The more reflects in her vicinity, the more powerful an obrazyn becomes. In a hall full of mirrors reflecting her endlessly, an obrazyn could reach a formidable power and stay in a physical form virtually forever if she wished to. That power is also their weakness though, and if an obrazyn is deprived of reflections of herself, she becomes pretty weak, her magic becoming largely ineffectual. Obrazyn are rather fragile creatures, not tailored at all for physical combat like Mexolimes.

Obrazyns can use reflections for a variety of tricks. The most dreaded one is their ability to travel through reasonably sized mirrors to another one they have seen before and memorized.  They can also make a mirror show exactly what they want it to, and lastly, just by touching one, they can tell what it showed a while ago. This make them formidable spies indeed and also allow them to quench their insatiable curiosity. Their most impressive trick however is to have all of their nearby reflections gather and perform a task, from doing some research to attacking an enemy. It’s a powerful ability as each clones can channel a magic of its own, making a large group of them extremely deadly. However they are fragile and once they break, it’s a reflection of the obrazyn that break as well and won’t come back before a while, significantly weakening her.

Obrazyns are not as voracious as other succubi. They do devour souls, but their rather small stomach are easily satiated.

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