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A large species of sea nagas living exlusively in water, Oceanic nagas can grow to enormous lengths. Specimens of well over 300 feet are common. Their colors vary but they are usually of a dark black on top of their tail and a bright yellow underneath, with dark spots on the broad paddle that makes up the end of their tails. Oceanic nagas lack the belly scales to move on land. Once washed ashore they are almost helpless and must drag themselves along by their arms. Needless to say-they avoid this at all costs ! They only have a single lung, but it runs the entire length of their body, giving them the ability to say submerged for a very long time. Provided they aren't under any stress, a big Oceanic naga can stay under for up to seven hours. All of them are extremely venomous. They like to live in the weed beds that gather along the spots in the Topazial Sea where two currents meet. They call this a “Conjunction.” Oceanic nagas are deadly predators that rarealy take the time to speak in the midst of a hunt, and will swallow anything the right size. This include small mermaids, and various species of fish, especially eels of all sorts. They rarely meet humans that far out to sea but they definitely see them as on the menu too !

Known Oceanic Nagas

  • Pella

  • Credits to Zoekin for the Oceanic nagas idea.

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