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A wingless species of sphinxes living in the summit of the gigantic trees of Felarya.  They largely make up for their lack of wings with their great speed and extraordinary agility.  Climbing a tree is as natural to them as walking is to humans. Pantaurs are a lot more easy going than other sphinxes.  They are social creatures and usually hunt in small packs of 3 to 5.  They don't hesitate to attack large groups of enemies or prey, confident in both their combat skills and speed, two traits that rarely fail a pantaur in spite of their great recklessness.  Pantaurs are very curious and don't like to stay in the same place for very long, loving to travel, explore, and see new things. Pantaurs are fearsome hunters.  Their senses are very developed, especially their hearing.  They love to play with their prey, much like a cat will play with a mouse, and when in a group they will often sensuously feed their prizes to each other.

=== Known Pantaurs ===

  • Hiral

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