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Rumors, tales, facts, whispers and gossip going on in the jungles of Felarya, from the predator side.

  • 1. Sometimes you can make a deal with your meal in order to get an even bigger meal !
  • 2. Humans actually kill and sometimes roast their food before they eat it ! Horrifying, isn't it?
  • 3. I heard elves are good for your figure !
  • 4. Legends say that Rosic nekos acquired their wonderful musical skills from an ancient tribe of elves a long time ago.
  • 5. Once, an adventurer mentionned to Crisis that, according to his identification spell, she was "level 28", whatever that means...
  • 6. To seal an important promise, a harpy will sometimes give you one feather. It may just seems a symbolic gesture, but for them it's not ! When a harpy does so, you can be sure she will keep her word !
  • 7. When Vivian is really pissed of, she swears using a lot of words related to hell and demons.
  • 8. There is an ancient and wise Dryad somewhere in Felarya who names other dryads. Every new young voice entering the dryad network gets a name from her if they haven't already got one. We call her the matriarch. She's very good at finding original, beautiful, fitting names, and she possesses an incredible memory, able to remember every single one of them! I got mine from her as well, when I was a sapling.
  • 9. Questioning the authenticity of Vivian's ample bosom is a sure way to piss her off. She takes great pride in her natural assets !
  • 10 Menyssan seems to have a thing for costumes and cute accessories. When asked, she will subtely change the conversation though.
  • 11 Fiona possesses a boomerang as a weapon. With her wind-based magic, she can launch it with a good deal of strenght and accuracy. Her friends call it the "Fionarang".
  • 12 Among Scarlet elves is the legend of Kytian who got a belly so full after a successful hunt, that she was able to create the most epic song ever ! Sadly she was so full that it made her drowsy and she fell asleep before she could write it down...
  • 13 There are rumors that the succubus Iridan has made a pact with a Pit naga a few months ago and she has been seen several times with her new partner since then.

  • Credits to Silent-Eric for the base idea, and to Elportero, Tora044, SuperPieGuy9, Jaette-troll, Silent-Eric for various rumors ideas ^_^

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