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Some types of predators in Felarya, including nagas, fairies, and deerataurs, are able to sense the large magic field that covers the world.

Nearly every lifeform on Felarya possess some kind of magical signature, since the healing magic of the soil is constantly radiating through them. The strength of this signature is greater the larger or more magical the creature is, and weaker the smaller or less magical the creature is. At close range, it allows predators gifted with this sense to detect prey without even seeing, hearing or smelling them!  However, since most things in Felarya have a magical signature, the sense can't be used to pinpoint the exact location of a small creature, like a human, at long distances (unless they are extremely magical and doing nothing to conceal themselves).  Basically the further away the target is, the less accurate the sense becomes. The range of this sense varies a lot from one specimen to another. Some nagas are completely unable to use it, while some, like Crisis, have sharpened it into a deadly weapon. Mages need to be particularly cautious in the jungles of Felarya, as their magic signature is naturally very large.

  • Thanks to rcs619 for fleshing up the base concept.

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