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Isolon fist troops during an inspection.


The Ps'isol is an order of powerful mages who govern Negav. Ps'isol means " Enlightened one" in the language of one the founder of the order, Tedomes Theraph.

Like their name implies, they rule by the sheer power of their magic. That rule is definitely authoritarian, with the Magiocrats forming a small oligarchy sharing most of the executive power among themselves, leaving very little outside their hands.

Yet you would find few Negavians who would complain, at least not too loudly. First because it's not very healthy; freedom of speech is a principle magiocrats embrace as long as it's not to criticize them or their rule. But mostly because in a world as dangerous as Felarya, security is the absolute, highest priority in the population's mind. The Ps'isol magiocrats guarantee that security, thank to their most famous creation: The Isolon Eye. This marvel of magic repels predators, and, that alone, guarantees the magiocrats a long and relatively un-challenged rules for decades to come. Indeed, for most Negavians if the price to pay to be safe from predators is to obey the rule of a bunch of rarely seen mages who hardly bother mixing into the affairs of the simple mortals anyway (seen as way too trivial and unworthy of their precious time), then so be it. Magiocrats rules through fear, but unlike most tyrants it's no through fear of their power but fear of what would happens without it. Many magiocrats are corrupted, arrogant and condescending, but the large majority of Negavians just bear with it.

The order is comprised of two layers:

-The Ps'isol mages. It's a rare title acquired after passing a very difficult test. Many candidates take it but very few ever achieve it. It's a recognition of one's excellent prowess at magic, a highly regarded status inspiring awe and respect and that opens numerous political gates in Negav. It's interesting to note that there has been Ps'isol mages stripped of their tittle in the past, although that remains an exceedingly rare event.

-The council members. It's a small gathering of the most powerful mages of Negav. They are the rulers of the city, creating laws and managing the resources at their disposal to make the city prosper. In the past, the council membership was a very tightly kept secret and only a council member knew who the other were. However, as they consolidated their power, their lifestyle became more comfortable, opulent and luxurious, and this secrecy became an annoyance with little use, and was eventually dropped altogether. Council members use a system of rotation among themselves to designate their leader. That position is currently held by the young and ambitious Lady Lesona.

The magiocrats control powerful institutions such as the Isolon University of Magic. Their official armed force is the Isolon Fist.

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=== Council members ===
Lady Lesona

Lord Gramon

Lord Amithep

Lord Teraph

Lord Thelandros

Lady Seluvine

Lord Mistrago

Lord Trebiz

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