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Q'Tada'x'silath is an Abyssal Tonorion and Queen of the Great Hive. A very ancient being, Q'Tada'x'silath somehow acquired sentience. She is actually depicted as very clever and able to communicate through telepathy. Very little is known about her though, mostly because getting an audience with her means reaching her in the core of the Great Hive, and very few beings are suicidal enough to attempt that. Old Majuras scriptures mention her as having participated in the war against the Correctors. Q'Tada'x'silath is said to guard an old portal, deep in the Hive. Nobody can tell what this portal is about, or how it somehow ended there. Some claim the Queen actually built the Great Hive around it in order to better guard it, which raises some interesting and unnerving questions about what kind of being could come through it.



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