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The question of the Revadas being actual angels is a matter of debate, however most people call them as such, and the revadas themselves don't seem to mind. They are giant aquatic beings swimming majestically in the liquid immensity of the heavenly realm of Pazamal. The color of their skin varies but is often a mix of pale blue with white stripes and patches. Their long flowing hair is usually thick, with colors varying from deep blue, to pale green, dark or silver and they possess slightly slanted eyes.

Their most remarkable trait is their large majestic fin-like wings connected from their arms to their back. Its usually brightly colored with beautiful and intricate patterns and is the pride of their owner, who sometimes decorate it. They also possess fleshy whiskers of sort on the side of their head. Those organs are very sensible to vibration and waves and allow the Revadas to "feel" their immediate surroundings and create a basic map of it.

When a Revada move, they are surrounded by an aura of silence. It's believed they actually feed on sounds, which are perfectly conveyed by the strange waters of the realm. Thus when you hear a lull in the crystalline song of Pazamal, you know a Revada is nearby. They can definitely appreciate the quality of the sound they absorb; if you meet a female Revada and you play music to her, the better the quality of your music, the more delighted by the meal she will be! They use telepathy in order to communicate. Revadas are guardians of Pazamal though, and while they feed mostly on both sounds and the positive energies of the realm, they wouldn't hesitate to widen that diet for intruders.