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A species of aquatic nagas, Sea Krait nagas are smaller than their Oceanic naga cousins, growing to around 250 feet long. Their most distinctive feature is their brightly striped tail ending in a small fin. Their scales are usually black, white and greyish blue, though there are other varieties of colors as well. These stripes indicate that the naga is armed with a deadly venom which can be injected in one bite. It's a lethal Neurotoxin which shuts down the vital organs of the victim in minutes. Unlike Oceanic nagas, Sea Krait nagas retain their gripping scales, which allows them to slither onto land. They possess long ears which they can move freely to act like diving planes. Their eyes are usually of a bright yellow, and lack a pupil. The most common hair colors for Sea Krait Nagas are Black, White, and Silvery Grey. They can hold their breath for a good amount of time, being able to stay submerged for up to one hour. It's interesting to note they tend to get dazzled if their eyes are struck by light at night time.

Sea Krait nagas usually make their homes in coastal caves and islands on the Topazial sea. They are known to travel great distances from their homes but always return. They often stops on Shillapo island where the southern plains provide them an adequate place to relax and sun themselves. They leave the nearby humans in Chioita city alone, in exchange for a rare fish that the humans breed, along with other services. Curious by nature, they often investigate a large array of things that interest them.  They love to collect things to keep in their homes, such as shells or items from sunken ships, sometimes turning them into accessories. Its not uncommon to see a female Sea Krait naga wearing ship anchors for earrings. They will even sometimes ask humans to fashion something for them. The crafters of Chioita city are often kept busy crafting various accessories. In addition, they love it when people compliment them on their accessories. Sea Krait nagas are a rather easy-going race in general, known to befriend others easily. Though if they, or somebody they hold dear, are threatened, they can be become extremely dangerous and fierce.

Like other nagas, Sea Krait nagas  will eat whatever they can swallow whole. This include humans, though it's possible to buy your way out of becoming a meal, by either offering a trinket of some sort, play music for them if you're a musician, or surrender your catch from the sea if you're a fisherman, theres a variety of ways. This makes them a little safer than most nagas, but they still should be treated with great caution. Some are completely harmless to humans, prefering fish, while others are true man eaters. The majority of Sea Krait nagas have a mixed diet though.

=== Known Sea krait Nagas ===

  • Credits to Tora044 for the Sea Krait nagas idea.

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