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The aquatic counterpart of regular Slug Girls, found almost exclusively in saltwater. Sea slug girls share many of the attributes of their land counterparts, with similar voracious appetites and slow movement.  Like many oceanic predators, they can grow very large, easily reaching lengths of over 200 feet long. The most notable difference, however, is their bold, bright, and often bizarre coloration and decoration. Many sea-slug girls are highly toxic, and their striking patterns serve as a warning for potential predators to stay away ( Non-toxic slug girls typically lack this vivid coloration ). Most sea-slug girls possess a very strong toxic immunity as well as being themselves venomous. They present a prominent threat to other venomous creatures, including another sea slug girl, as they rarely have many issues with cannibalizing their own kind. In many cases, sea slug girls actively strengthen their own venom by storing that of other creatures. Most sea slug girls cannot swim, and instead spend their whole life crawling across the seafloor. Their slime, whilst sticky and viscous enough to seriously hinder prey's movement for a number of hours, makes an ineffective trap for swimming creatures if laid out in a trail. Instead, sea slug girls are capable of spitting globules of slime with tremendous force - if successful, the slime projectiles will hinder a swimming prey enough to cause it to sink. Nonetheless, this requires practice and skill, particularly for catching fast prey. Those unwilling to bother will settle comfortably for a diet composed primarily of sponges and shellfish. Those that can swim either have specially modified bodies – winglike membranes below the arms, or large flattened areas of the mantle which can be used to propel the sea slug girl through the water. One species of sea slug girl in fact reverses the norm and lives floating at the surface, preying upon all those unfortunate enough to stray into the -usually well-camouflaged- slug-girl’s path.

  • credits to Globfish for writing the description of Sea slug girls.

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