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A species of roughly human-sized harpies, living mostly around beaches, coastal areas, and various islands of the Topazial sea.  They are mostly harmless to humans, but posses very loud voices and a very crude language, even by harpy standards!  The way they speak is reminiscent of pirates. They are scavengers, often sneaking off with a novice fisherman's catch if he isn't on the look out. Some of these harpies however, have been hired by people to carry goods and other things across seas and they generally get the job done well.  Seagull Harpies are one of the best long distance fliers in Felarya, and they're very fast, able to swiftly navigate through the air above the sea, though they are a tasty prize for mermaids and other creatures below the waves.

  • Credits goes to Melancholy-Melody13 for the seagull harpies idea.