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These dryads lives in very dark places such as Evernight forest.  Their skin is dark blue or black and their eyes are a beautiful glowing purple.  They have small patches of soft lights on their body which create beautiful patterns, which they can control. The popular belief that shadow dryads have dark, evil personalities because they live in perpetual darkness is entirely false. Like most inhabitants of that zone, shadow dryads possess perfect night vision and so what they see is not a perpetual night but rather a normal forest, full of life and activity. Thus, shadow dryads have no more sinister personalities than the rest of their kin. This is little known among regular dryads because the regular network that most dryads use does not reach their shadow counterparts, who developed their own network. Shadow dryads are roughly as dangerous as other dryads, except that their mouths and throats are stretchier, allowing them to swallow much larger prey than normal.