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Shillou is a short and slight neko, with a skinny - some may even call it scrawny- frame. She has short, feathery chestnut hair, large deep green eyes, two brown ears protruding from her head, and a long tail as well. She wears a purple ribbon in her hair, and rather worn out clothes. She often goes around barefoot or, if she can make them, with simple sandals. Shillou is naturally shy, having learned in Negav that minding your own business was the best way to stay out of trouble. She is generally untrusting of most people, worried that they are after something, which is often the case. However, she is kind and caring at heart, and is easily bothered by things she feels are unfair. Her mistrust is contrasted with her deep insight on people. Shillou is good at reading intentions and emotions and tries her best to find some sort of good in all people, though she has little self confidence to find her own true worth. While raised in a rough environment, she sticks closely to her mother's lesson to give everyone a bit of respect and not to judge people by their outward appearance. Shillou is a confused young girl. She has the personality to survive, but is also a dreamer and hoper.

Shillou was born in Nekomura. She never met her father and was raised by her mother. When she was young, due to circumstances she did not understand, her mother and her were forced to move to Negav. Her mother quickly lost most of their money and they were sent into abject poverty, having to live in the Pit in little more than a shack. Her mother left one day, saying she had her eyes set on a massive haul of treasure that would keep them rich for ages. She had Shillou watch the house, though she never returned, assumed devoured by the wilderness. Shillou continued to live by herself in her small house, scavenging and doing a variety of odd jobs around the city. Practicing nature magic in the city's parks, she undertook various odd jobs gardening around the city. However, following a certain incident, she lost her house and the money she had saved. With no options left and nothing to lose, she approached the Adventurer's Guild looking for work. She was rejected for her own safety, but independently joined a mysterious party of adventurers recruiting in Negav, heading off into the Felaryan wilderness where she met with the elf Fulmina.

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