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The term "Silvery Night" describes a particular occurence when, once in a rare while, a certain pair of moons appear full and bright in the sky of Felarya. They bathe the landscape in a strange light, nearly as bright as sunshine, casting a silvery sheen all over Felarya, that teases the eyes with shifting shadows and muted colors. The spectacle is breathtakingly beautiful, making the heart race and producing some strange effects on every sentient inhabitant who sees it. Most predators don't go hunting during that night, and small species come out of hiding and walk in the open, enjoying the bright, peculiar new world that is formed.

For some, the moonlit night is Dionysian, incensing sensuality and instinct, a night for parties, feasting, excitement and intimate relationships. Fairies in particular feel it in this manner, gathering together and celebrating, dancing and singing and cavorting in the canopy and silvery brightness. Predators and prey alike give in to the urge and find their friends and acquaintances and even total strangers to have a chaotic, happy time with. Even for those not so inclined, the night is still very soothing under the moons, alone or with companions, gazing up at the twin coins of soft silver floating high in the star-sprinkled sky. It's a night where it seems like nothing could go wrong and anything could happen, the world turned on its head and logic thrown out the window.

There is report of giant predators catching humans, only to play with them and, more often than not, let them go. It's a lucky night for many, escaping being eaten when they would normally have finished the night digesting in a stomach. Though not all evade being devoured, a great deal more than usual are spared. Barriers fall apart, species and diet no longer matter, alignment is disregarded under the influence of those bizarre disks of pale light. Nobody knows the reason for that rare and powerful phenomenon but resisting its influence is extremely hard. One could think a Silvery Night is the perfect time for a party of adventurers to go treasure-hunting in otherwise perillous zones, but actually the group would soon find themselves unappealed by the prospect, suddenly finding it boring and futile, and finally join in the general ambient joy and festive atmosphere.

  • Credits for the idea to MrNobody13

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